Preschool Gymnastics in Kent, WA

Our year-round indoor gymnastics for preschoolers for the active kiddos in your life.

Our preschool gymnastics class focuses on:

  • Improving strength, balance & coordination
  • Basic gymnastics skills using balance beams, trampoline, obstacle courses
  • Building self-esteem through accomplishing new courses and meeting challenges
  • Increased cooperation with peers
  • Socializing
  • And most of all – having fun!

During class, we have upbeat music playing, and always end class with bubbles, stamps and singing. Each week, we have a new course setup for the preschoolers to enjoy.

Class size is limited. Please call (253) 639-9339 or email to check availability each day you’d like to join us. Thank you!
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3 -5 years
Parents stay to watch


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
11 – 11:45 a.m.


$50/mo – Unlimited classes
$35/mo – 1 class per week

Preschoolers love to move and mingle at the gym!

First class is on us! Come check out our gym with your preschooler and see if it's the right activity for him / her!